Vehicle OEMs With The Following Job Titles:

  • VPs Infotainment, Connectivity, Telematics, Marketing Innovation
  • Global Directors, Infotainment Strategy & Alliances
  • Chief Technology Officers
  • Directors Connected Car Development
  • Directors, Federal Affairs – Infotainment
  • Directors Connectivity & Infotainment
  • Heads of Business Development
  • Heads of Connectivity & Infotainment Product Marketing
  • Department Heads, HMI & R&D
  • Heads of Entertainment & Mobile Apps
  • Senior Managers, Connected Information
  • Digital Communications Managers
  • Infotainment Managers
  • Managers for Development of Infotainment Systems
  • Quality Managers – Infotainment
  • Electrical HMI Managers, Connectivity
  • Project Leaders – Infotainment, Telematics, Connectivity
  • Team Leaders – Next Generation Infotainment
  • Group Leader, Research & Technology
  • Group Leaders for Infotainment
  • Chief Engineers – Electrical
  • Senior Infotainment Engineers
  • Connected Navigation Specialists
  • Infotainment Systems Engineers

Plus Industry Stakeholders From...

  • Telecommunications & Wireless Providers
  • Consumer Electronics & Device Manufacturers
  • Content Providers
  • App Developers
  • Hardware, Middleware & Software Providers
  • Cloud Technology Providers
  • Navigation Systems Manufacturers
  • Integration Specialists
  • Social Media Providers
  • Audio System Manufacturers
  • Human Machine Interface Technology Providers

Senior Material Engineer, Bentley Motors

"Good all around, very open discussion with various presenters. Broad representation of the industry. Will come...


6 Key Reasons To Attend IVI

  • Hear exclusive strategic insights as 20+ vehicle OEM speakers reveal the pioneering technology and services that are set to shape the future of in-vehicle infotainment system development
  • Take the opportunity to network with industry leaders, build new contacts and cultivate relationships to establish mutually beneficial alliances to drive forward your connected infotainment strategy
  • Engage in top-level discussions on HMI, connectivity and Smart Phone integration to spur creative thinking and discover new opportunities for advancement
  • Review leading OEMs integration efforts and explore possibilities for intuitive standardised connectivity to enhance usability and provide a seamless connection between life and car
  • Understand and benchmark models for monetising connectivity to capitalise on revenue generation opportunities, accelerate payback and shape your infotainment business case
  • Detect the pulse of infotainment development amongst key decision makers from across the industry to keep ahead of market trends and access the freshest market forecast
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